CFP's Testimonials: WHY CFP?


Angie S.

     You [Bret & Megan] are patient and considerate and even though I was a little scared at hanging on the bar (which seemed so high up to 5' me)' you gave me the confidence to do it.  Both you and Bret have given me faith in myself to try new things, to test my body and to see the results!  I love coming and am so glad that I found you two rather than just a cog in the wheel at some gym where no one really cares!  Great job both of you!!

Shannon W.

     Constant Forward Progress is the name and mantra of this excellent fitness company. Bret is the best trainer I have ever encountered (I have had quite a few) - he is patient, encouraging, friendly, etc. He works great with people of all ages - folks who are retired, working (me), and kids He has a great group of high school students, and my son worked out there too.
     For those who have a physical impairment (i.e. damage due to an accident, etc), Bret tailors his workouts to complement your PT and to strengthen your injured areas without causing more trauma. I recommend CFP whenever I can, and appreciate all the focus and effort Bret (and his wife Megan) put into their training and company. Five stars all the way - I would make it ten if that was an option!

Nancy W.

     TOPS IN MY BOOK AND EXPERIENCE WITH PERSONAL TRAINING. Bret is best trainer I have ever worked with and now Megan (Bret's wife) is coming aboard as well! I have historically been a great starter but after the honeymoon, have drifted off. After 2 years working with Bret, I am STILL motivated and inspired. Something about the wonderful mix of encouragement, keeping me attuned to correct form, and moving me forward at gradual but ever upward pace... The perfect "personal training recipe!"

Erika M.

     I've been going to CFP 2x week for over a year. Bret and Megan have been instrumental in my recovery from back surgery and rotator cuff surgery. Because of the method they use to get their clients strong and fit, I'm back doing the sports I love; cycling, hiking, and even waterskiing! Thank you CFP!!

Elaine O.

     Chris and I have been training with Bret and Megan Hamilton at Constant Forward Progress in Wilsonville since May of this year. I found them on Yelp and am so glad I did. Not only are they wonderful people, but they are wonderful trainers. We truly enjoy our sessions and we can feel our strength building gradually. I love that I am using my own body weight and some kettle bells, that's it. No crazy machines, no weird gym environment.
     Bret and Megan are kind, encouraging, and they explain WHY the exercises work. (And they have a great sense of humor; they have to, if they want to deal with us!) They genuinely care about us and all their clients. I can't say enough about how great they are and how happy I am to be working with them.

Dawn H.

     Both of my teenage boys attended CFP in the teen evening program. Bret was a great coach who met each one of the boys where they were at in their physical development. His testing process upon entry was very helpful and each boy was given a tailored program just for them. Both my boys felt comfortable and supported and made great growth in their physical fitness while with Bret.

Larry H.

     Bret is a fantastic trainer! I've trained with him for a year and a half now. He uses functional movement screening to determine appropriate exercises and routines based on your current ability. With his guidance, I have recovered range of motion and flexibility I thought were lost forever. My strength and stamina have increased steadily, and most importantly to me... without injury!

Alex K.

     I have trained with Bret Hamilton for little over a month now, and I have seen vast improvements in my body, both by losing weight and gaining mobility and muscle.  Bret is fantastic at safely pushing you  to your limits each and every day.  While he's pushing you, he'll be right there to help and encourage you.  Bret isn't interested in a superficial relationship with his clients; he genuinely wants to help each of his clients reach their true potential.
     It has been great to train with Bret, and it has been a pleasure to get to know him.  I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a physical trainer.

Reid A.

    Great place to work out and become more familiar with your own body! Highly recommended!

Keaton R. DPT

     I have worked with Bret Hamilton both as a client of his and in collaboration with my patients as a physical therapist. Bret has an in-depth understanding of the body, movement system, and overall well being of his clients. As a physical therapist it is essential that my patients find a personal trainer after discharge who will work towards their tailored, individual needs in a safe and non-intimidating environment. It has been a pleasure working with and learning from Bret and I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a well rounded and experienced personal trainer!

Dane H. DPT

     I’ve known Bret for over 20 years; we grew up together as childhood best friends.  Throughout high school he constantly motivated me to be the best that I could be as a teammate on the soccer pitch and a classmate in the classroom.  We graduated together with all-conference honors in soccer and both as valedictorians of our class.  His drive was crucial in helping us both achieve these accomplishments.  I’ve always admired Bret’s passion for learning and fitness and am not surprised to see his early successes and following as a young fitness professional.
     He’s always motivated me, and I’m not surprised he’s making his career out of motivating others. As a Physical Therapist, I am very impressed with Bret’s knowledge of functional and dysfunctional movement; he knows how to properly train individuals to drop dysfunctional movement patterns and strengthen into functional patterns.  I always tell my patients that their goal should be to move and feel a little bit better every day.  I love Bret’s concept of “constant forward progress” because that’s what it’s all about – constantly progressing forward in your movement, strength, health, and faith every day.  A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about strengthening whatever you can to “get the job done”, it’s about strengthening functional movement patterns.  It takes time and perseverance.  Bret gets it.  He not only strives every day to make his clients better, but himself better as well.  Bret is the personal trainer I would want myself, and my patients, to train with and learn from!   

Noel T. DPT, SFG.

     If you need a mentor, coach, or simply a teacher, do not look any further than Bret Hamilton. Bret has been a good friend and exercise colleague of mine for many years. He also has been a patient in our physical therapy clinic where I've observed his drive and persistence in overcoming injuries from years of organized sports and competition.
     Bret is special in that he has a combination of high integrity, the empathy to understand, and the follow through to tailor the individual exercise and movement needs of his clients. He also has observed us in our clinic treating patients and understands the needs of patients leaving rehabilitation, yet also how to transition them from rehab to training to further enhance their quality of life.
     Looking for the ideal strength coach/personal trainer can be very confusing and challenging, take my word for it. However, when I'm referring patients from therapy in to a training setting, Bret meets ALL of the criteria I look for in a coach to help patients raise their level of fitness and movement quality and ultimately lead a more active, enjoyable life.    

DeAnn S.

     I began working with Bret Hamilton after having a close friend refer him to me and my husband.  Instead of jumping into a training program as previous trainers have done, he introduced me to a new program called FMS (Function Movement Screen).  This was exactly what I was looking for and what I needed at age 47.  He screened my mobility, balance and strength based on the FMS system to determine what type of training I should be doing based on my scores.  It was very refreshing.
     He produced a training program based on the areas where I was lacking in mobility and stability and core strength.  I had extensive knee surgery 18 months prior, and Bret’s training program worked on strengthening my knee engaging the correct muscles to improve the stability in my knee. Bret’s FMS program also assisted in improving a shoulder mobility issue due to my desk job.
     Over the course of 8 months, I learned proper technique for kettlebell swings, barbell deadlifts, lunges, pushups, chin ups, goblet squats and Turkish get ups, among other exercises.  Bret’s attention to detail, extensive knowledge and background in physical fitness, and his teaching methods are what make him such a successful trainer.  I highly recommend Bret if you are looking to improve your physical well-being.  You will also enjoy interacting with Bret if you choose the journey with him as he is very personable and has a good sense of humor.

John S. Director of Track & Field at GFU

     I had the pleasure of coaching Bret as a collegiate track athlete.  Unfortunately it wasn't a road of glory for him, as he experienced a very significant hamstring injury while sprinting his freshman year.  Many athletes would have thrown in the towel at some point, as these type of injuries never leave you the same, taking a  physical as well as emotional toll.  Through all the disappointments and trials, Bret continued to rehab and encourage his teammates, playing a different role, but continuing to be a valuable member of the team. I am extremely proud that Bret is using his own experiences to reach out to others and provide the help and assistance they might need to get started towards a healthy or pain free life.

Neal C.

     I’ve worked regularly with several trainers over the past 10 years and really appreciate the philosophy in Bret’s approach.  Too often performance screening is underutilized to identify what corrective actions you need to take before jumping into a new routine.  It isn’t just about aerobic and strength training. Mobility, stability, balance, and coordination all need to be addressed very early in the training program.  The upfront investment may be frustrating and seems to take longer, but the end result is better and really takes about as long alternative approaches.  Also, this avoids possibly additional injury or increased dysfunction from trying to execute a workout poorly.

Patti P.

      I started training with Bret in August of 2013 after having a total knee replacement seven years ago.  I had never regained my flexibility, strength or mobility in that knee.  I pretty much avoided anything physically because of the knee.  In one year, Bret has helped me regain my flexibility, strength and mobility in my knee and throughout my body.  I can now do things that I never could do before in the last 30 years!  Through training I have also become stronger and slimmer.

Leaha W.

     I’ve trained under Bret for a year and a half.  In that time, he’s taken me from a broken, uneven wanna-be long-distance athlete living in constant achieved goals, new aspirations, super-fun speed, and realistic fitness goals for my body type.  I truly am an athlete now and am enjoying some of the strongest years of my life - every day and every week - and I am excited about my future as an athlete as I look forward to my life and its ongoing progress.  Thank you so much for helping me realize that I can overcome.  You are an awesome trainer.