Gym Policies


Note: ALL formerly CFP policies still apply at Cornerstone Calisthenics Gym.

Regarding Membership Contracts:
-CCG does not do long term contracts--we want to earn your business every month by providing a great service.
-Memberships may be changed as often as needed--if you want to train more or less frequently, or add classes to your existing strength training membership, we can do that for you!
-Members pay on the first of every month, via a recurring auto-deducted payment.
-Most forms of debit and credit are accepted. Cash and checks are not accepted.

Regarding Membership Cancellations:
-CCG asks for a 30 day notice of all membership cancellations. In the event of a late cancellation (less than 30 days), the final month of service will be billed and then all further billing will be cancelled.
-There are membership NO cancellation fees.
-CCG asks for a 3-month commitment for all new members. Beyond that initial commitment, all memberships are month-to-month. If you are not at a point where you feel able to commit to three months beyond your trial, please consider not signing up until you are ready.

Regarding Session Cancellations:
-CCG has a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.
-All sessions which are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance are not able to be rescheduled unless they meet the following criteria:
1. Day-of cancellations and subsequent re-schedules are allowed in the case of sudden illness or a death in the family
2. In ALL cases (i.e. life gets in the way, unexpected meeting, etc.) clients are encouraged to re-schedule an appointment to another available slot the day of. If they are able, we will gladly fit them in another opening. An outright late-cancellation comes with the acknowledgement that the session has been forfeit (which is the last thing we want for you!)

Regarding Re-scheduling Sessions:
-Re-scheduling sessions is absolutely allowed. Please allow 24 hours notice to cancel a session an reschedule, as our schedule might not otherwise have the flexibility to re-schedule for you!
-Day-of rescheduling is permitted if you met the above criteria, and assuming we have the schedule space (we try to be as flexible as possible).
-Day-of cancellations and subsequent re-schedules are allowed in the case of sudden illness or a death in the family

Regarding Declined AutoPays:
-If your card is declined, please submit your new card information within seven days of your declined autopay, 
-Please let us know in advance if you believe your card might be declined,compromised, needs to be changed, or needs to be updated for any reason. We don't want to charge you if we don't have to!

Regarding Refunds:
-All CCG memberships are non-refundable once the payment has been processed. 
-All membership cancellations are NON-refundable if the next month has already been processed. If you would like to cancel, please notify CCG staff prior to the next month's payment, and we will be happy to do so for you. 
-If the next month's payment has not been processed, all further payments will be cancelled and membership will be terminated. Clients are welcome to finish out the sessions they've already paid for after requesting a cancellation, but it is not required.

Regarding Illness/Planned Vacation/Injury/Death in the Family/Life Getting in the Way
-If a client misses 2 or more weeks in a row of their scheduled appointments in a calendar month due to unexpected illness or planned vacation, they are eligible to request a a freeze on their payment for the number of weeks they will be gone (in multiples of 2, i.e. 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc.). Please contact one of the CCG owners (Bret or Megan Hamilton) to process this request. 
-Refunds will NOT granted in the case of unexpected illness, injury, death in the  family, vacation, or extended leave of two or more weeks in a row in a calendar month, but we can reduce the amount of the next month's payment to reflect time gone.
-All requests must be received in writing prior to being gone (in the case of unexpected injury or illness, an exception will be made, of course!). If a request is not processed, it is expected that the client will attempt to make up their visits over time.

Regarding Returns of Physical Merchandise:
-All physical merchandise is returnable only if it is in unused/unopened condition. All other purchases are final.
-In order for apparel to be returned, it must be unwashed and with tags still on. 

Regarding Member Privacy:
-Under Oregon HIPAA laws, CCG and its staff will never disclose confidential client information, unless agreed upon and signed for by the client and the participating health practitioner. We do this in an effort to protect your privacy, and to provide the best client/patient care possible.


Planned Gym Closures:
-CCG closes for approximately 1 week during the week of Christmas and approximately 1 week during the summer months (this date varies). We like to let everyone know this up front so they can plan make up sessions and also give us notice about coinciding vacation time so we can bill appropriately. The bottom line is we want everyone to get the time they are paying for and not feel screwed out of their time. 

The Bottom Line:
-We want all of our members to get amazing results.
-In order to do that, you need to train consistently!
-If you respect our time, we will respect yours.
-We don't want anyone to forfeit their sessions due to non-adherence to our schedule policy-we will try at all costs to provide alternatives to cancelling appointments outright.
-We aren't unreasonable. If something unusual comes up, let us know. We'll do the best we can to accommodate your needs.