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Transformation Challenge

Transformation Challenge:

Our Transformation Challenge will be kicking off Saturday, February 6th at 9AM! If you find yourself wanting a kick in the pants to jump start some change in your life, this is for you!

We will be joining together every other Saturday morning at 9AM, until April 2nd for an Aerobic Conditioning session as a group, followed by an initial and final body weigh-in and measuring for those who would like it. 

    If you're unsure if this Challenge is for you, ask yourself these questions...*Do you want to LOSE MORE BODY FAT, while still getting stronger? *Do you want to LOSE WEIGHT ON THE SCALE? *Do you want to have MORE ENERGY, and improved performance at work, life, and in the gym? *Do you NEED some motivation *Do you struggle with knowing WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO EAT, or HOW MUCH TO EAT? *Do you feel like you know what to do, but need help IMPLEMENTING HEALTHY HABITS? *Do you want more ACCOUNTABILITY? *Have you struggled with change in the past because of MENTAL BLOCKS or BELIEFS that were getting in the way? ...If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then you've come to the right place. We're here to help.



Here are the details:

Who: Someone who is ready to take their fitness journey to the NEXT level and is for READY for change NOW.


  • A 60-day challenge to eat right, exercise inside & outside of the gym, to create & reach your written goals. 
  • Goals can include: Losing body fat, reducing weight on the scale, increasing exercise frequency, setting new personal bests, etc. 

The CHALLENGE includes:
-Kickoff Party, Half-Way Party, and End-of-Challenge Party

-Two group coaching sessions (1 at Kickoff Party, 1 at Half-Way Party: Each session will include Principles of Fat Loss and Mental Strength Training Techniques to unlock and enhance your results during the challenge.

-Body composition tracking (optional, but recommended): Body fat percentage measurements taken at Kickoff Party, Half-Way Party, and End-of-Challenge Party

-Before,Half-Way, and After Photos (optional, but recommended): Photos taken at Kickoff, Half-Way, and End-of-Challenge Party

-Group "Aerobic Conditioning" Class,
Saturdays @9-10am for Challenge Members Only!
Class dates: Every other Saturday--
February 6th, 20th
April 5th, 19th
Final party March 2nd.

-"Open-door" policy to email Bret or Megan with nutritional questions any time you need. (1:1 nutrition sessions are available for an additional fee.)

-VIP access: Access our exclusive Challenge Group Facebook Forum, where members can post questions, encouragement, and successes and let their fellow challengers know what they're achieving!

-Accountability: Reminder emails, daily results tracking guides, food logs, and healthy recipes are all included, as well as encouragement from other participating CFP members!

-How Much?: $99.00 for one, $50 for any additional family members who pay on the same card! This includes all of the above, including two coaching sessions, six intense fat burning aerobic conditioning sessions, body composition measurements, before/after photos, and some fun parties to celebrate your results and accomplishments!

Where: CFP's address: 25030 Parkway Ave #100 Wilsonville, OR 97070


***If you're interested in joining, or rather, if you are willing to "accept the challenge" please contact us by replying to Megan here! If you have already expressed interest previously, please respond ONE more time so we can have a total head count! Thank you!

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