What Motivates You?

What motivates you? Is it a physical goal? Is it reaching a certain weight or movement? What makes you tick? What moves you to push hard, do better & try even more than you thought you were capable of?...That's easy, for me it's our members, HANDS DOWN!

When I'm thinking of my workout I don't often feel like super-women standing with my hands on my hips and my chest towards the sky. It can feel daunting, a lot to accomplish & often held with a time constraint to get done!

During a recent workout I'd been working on my Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats, I'd inched my way up to a heavy weight that still felt safe with this little babe inside. I knew one of our members (who will go unnamed :)) had reached a pretty high weight as well. I try to never compare myself to others when it comes to weights, due to the pure fact that I know we are different and our skills/strengths should reflect those differences. 

I joked with this member one day this week that she had to "catch me!" I had completed a 24kg Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat! For some this may not be a lot, but for ME it was a great moment! Not only did I know I was capable of it, but with this member in the back of my head she challenged me, encouraged me and I KNEW she'd be stoked for me and ya' know what, she TOTALLY was!

Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat

Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat

24 Kilograms (which has already been busted since this post was created!)

24 Kilograms (which has already been busted since this post was created!)

Another member (who shall also be nameless) is SUPER strong. He has great skills and strength. I know we are in different leagues and yet he encourages me to keep pushing myself. During a separate workout I was working on the dreaded Pistol Squat. This exercise has always felt VERY far from possible for me. I'd been working on Negative 1/2 Pistol Squats and starting to feel confident in them (finally!) I decided to try some Full Negative Pistol Squats and just like I expected I was capable, I got all the way down! 

Fast forward a few days, this member whom I mentioned before, was working on his pistol squats. Usually I don't like to mention my workout, I don't want any comparison nor do I want to ever make anyone feel less or anything other than great! However, knowing this member well, I knew we'd had a lot of previous conversations about our feat with pistol squats. I mentioned that day to him, "Hey today during my workout a couple days ago, I got 5 full negative pistol squats!" He smiled, gave me a HUGE high five and said "YEAH!! Nice JOB!" He celebrated with me. THIS. IS. COMMUNITY. 

Ya' see? Our members are often the MOST encouraging, MOST motivating and the MOST important piece of continuing to get after it, day in and day out! 

To those nameless members above, you know who you are & I celebrate with you! I treasure the motivation you give to others!

Keep at it,