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"How to Progress Yourself to Your First Pull Up"-The Best Fitness Stuff to Check Out When You Should Be Working...Week of Sept. 26

Welcome to the second of a weekly series of posts where Megan and I will share with you some of the best stuff we think you should read and listen to, as a way to enhance your knowledge of general health, nutrition, movement, strength training, and mindset

Article of the Week:
How to Progress Yourself to Your First Pull Up-by Karen Smith
-There are many of CFP's own members who are on the cusp of getting that first full pull up or chin up. This article is packed with great info to help get you to that next level, especially if you're stuck!

Podcast of the Week:
How Nutrition Impacts Your Training/Progressive Calisthenic Certification Recap by The Hammershed Podcast, with Greg and Bret
-Learn how the way you eat truly impacts your energy and performance levels, not to mention how your body looks in the mirror!

In Case You Missed It:
Protein Powders: The Good, The Bad, The Non-Whey by Megan Hamilton

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