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"Give the Squeaky Wheel Some Grease" -The Best Fitness Stuff to Check Out When You Should Be Working...Week of Sept. 18

Welcome to the first round of a new weekly series of posts where Megan and I will share with you some of the best stuff we think you should read and listen to, as a way to enhance your knowledge of general health, nutrition, movement, strength training, and mindset. 

We want you to become the best version of yourself possible, and becoming more educated and learning how to sift through the BS in the fitness industry is a great way to get started. And it starts today, right now. A little bit of progress--every day--goes a long way! 

Every week, we will share articles that that other people have composed, along with podcasts that we think you might enjoy (By the way, did you know that CFP co-creates a podcast??? You should totally subscribe and maybe give us a review after you've listened...just saying!). We may even throw in an article we've previously written, for your enjoyment. Why, you ask?? Because everything old is new again, my friends. And I think we've written some pretty good stuff you may have missed along the way...

Article of the Week: 
Give the Squeaky Wheel Some Grease-Bret Hamilton
-Bret's first blog post for the Progressive Calisthenics community. All about trusting in the process of gradual improvement, opening your senses to the small slices of improvement, and how it's not always important to focus on sets and reps to measure your progress!

Podcast of the Week:
Less is More-The Hammershed Podcast
-Greg and Bret talk about the "Power of Less", and how minimalism in training, and in life, can have amazing ramifications.


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