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"The Three Keys to Diet Success"-The Best Fitness Stuff to Check Out When you Should Be Working...Week of Oct. 3, 2016

This week's Best Fitness Stuff article is brought to you by way of  Marc Halpern over at Breaking Muscle, entitled "Study Reveals 3 Keys to Diet Success"

Coach Halpern's article emphasizes consistency, but also the importance of social accountability, too, and ultimately, you'll hopefully come away feeling encouraged and empowered to take that step towards making changes in your diet, if you have not already!

At CFP, we emphasize Consistency in our strength training programs as the first key to success. Having Fun, and also having a Purpose (ie goal) to work towards (hence the name CFP!) are the two remaining keys to success. Marc's message definitely resonated with us at CFP, and we hope you'll find it interesting, too.