It takes a VILLAGE!

Melissa & Alex have become consistent workout partners for the last several few months. Before I started working full time at the gym, these were my people! I LOVED working out side by side with two people that were consistent, day in & day out. They pushed me, challenged me and encouraged me...not always vocally, but often times just by being present and working hard alongside me.

Melissa and Alex, training partners extraordinaire.

Melissa and Alex, training partners extraordinaire.

We were in it together.

Here at Constant Forward Progress we offer many options in our training. However, the most valuable session type we've discovered is something called "Semi-Private Personal Training." This option allows 3 members to work out in conjunction with one coach. It provides community, conversation and diversity! We love the authentic relationships that quickly develop as our members get to work out with their "buddies" or their "people."

It takes a village.

We often hear that it takes a village to raise a child, and I know this is true after working in childcare for so many years. I also believe that creating a life-long pursuit of fitness also takes a village! Having a personal trainer is often a necessity for people, not only to have someone create a personalize program for their workouts, but for the accountability piece as well. Sometimes people just need someone to pay actual money to! This way they never make an excuse to not show up! A personal trainer often wears LOTS of different hats...but at the end of the day, they are only one person & that's all they'll ever be.

"C'mon, Alex! Get that extra pushup!"

"C'mon, Alex! Get that extra pushup!"

This is why we need other people in our corner! We need people to give us that silly high five, we need people to say "WOW! Nice work!" We need people to be in the sweat, tears, fears and challenges that working out often demands from in & day out. We need to know we are not alone in this really hard work!! So who are your people? DO you have any people in your corner? If you don't, we know you'll find some great people here at CFP. We always say "We have the best members ever!"...It's no joke!

No Judgement. No comparison. 

Since we do not have a general work out from day to day, we instead get to create a personalized program for each person, taken from a series of progressions and sculpted to your goals and your abilities. Therefore, each person is working on their own program, at their own speed and individualized to only themselves!
You become your only competition! This doesn't go without saying that some of our members enjoy some good goals to reach for, so we created the Wall of Fame! The wall has continued to grow since we chalked it up on the board. Our members are growing stronger and it's still exciting every single time somebody gets to write their name on that board! We love celebrating your successes, big and small!

When we say "it takes a village" and when we tell you "we're in this together" we hope you know we mean every word. If we've learned anything since opening this small business, it all comes down to the people, the relationships and ensuring that each member feels heard, seen and understood. Every. Single. Time. 

People are the greatest, and we LOVE our people.

Happy Friday!