Growing a Baby: The Century!

As we continue on this journey I feel like I have already experienced a lot of different emotions, the good, the bad and the ugly. I've had mood swings, cravings, vomiting, sleeplessness, aches and an overall feeling of the tiredness that I never knew existed, until now that its. 

One experience that I'd like to share with each of you is a recent work out that surprised me and encouraged me beyond measure. During a recent CFP testing week we had our clients perform something called The Century Workout. The Century is a physical test that the Progressive Calisthenics Certification requires in order to become a certified instructor. At our gym we value this test based on what it requires of the participant, which is a combination of flexibility, strength, endurance and speed, all performed with good technique.

The Century: Men/Women
-40 Full Squats
-30 Full Pushups/30 Knee Pushups
-20 Hanging Knee Raises
-10 Pull-ups/Wall Rows

The Century Challenge
You said to do how many reps?

I figured I would score lower than I did many months ago, due only to the fact that I've been feeling so exhausted, terribly bloated and overall very "un-fit" in my current state. To my surprise I finished at 3:49, ten seconds sooner than I did many months ago when I felt like I was in pretty good shape! (How's that for progress?) 

After completing it, though, I felt like I could have done better. I lost a lot of time trying to get a rhythm in my Hanging Knee Raises. Like, a lot! . I rested and then asked Bret (my handsome hubby & co-trainer) to test me once again. I then went ahead and tried one more time, to my VERY big surprise I competed it at 3:05. Even though I was very tired, felt like I'd puke and had to take it easy to rest of the day I was SO proud of myself! And when Bret referred to me as "One Tough Chick" well, let me just say that was all this sick, yucky and bloated pregnant mommy-to-be needed to hear!

The point is, if I can beat my time even while 9 weeks pregnant (I know, this article is old news by the time this is published, because I'm almost 15 weeks now as of this writing!) then the energy, effort and cause towards consistent workouts involving bodyweight calisthenics must be proven to work!

I hope this reaches anyone and everyone who is struggling to feel motivated or lacks the belief that they can do CAN! You can stay healthy, you can continue to exercise, you can be active and push yourself... and if you're pregnant like me, you and your baby will be better for it! Calisthenics for LIFE.

Worked hard you have, rewarded for your efforts you will be

Now get off your phone or computer and ask your loved one to rub your feet, you deserve it--after all you are growing a baby!!