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New Beginnings & Going in Head First!

CFP Family & Friends, we have some exciting news!

If you haven't noticed since August and even more recently...we've had another coach join us! Megan, Bret's wife, recently earned herself her own personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and has begun shadowing and training alongside Bret on Tuesdays/Thursdays. With new beginnings come new changes and as of June 27th Megan will be moving into a full-time position here at CFP! This has been a road that has surprised our family, but as captured our dreams at the same time. The world of CFP has slowly grown in Megan's heart and has clearly decided to make a stake in her own desires to help better other people's lives through the act of coaching. 

Celebrating Megan passing the ACE test! Here's to a new journey together!!!

Celebrating Megan passing the ACE test! Here's to a new journey together!!!

Since Bret started Constant Forward Progress we've been figuring out this little thing called "owning a small business." Little did we know that our small business would continue to fill our hearts & minds constantly. It is what pushes us, drives us and moves us to be better people, more knowledgeable coaches and more savvy business owners. Our members have continued to support us, challenge us and because of them through the past two years we've discovered our niche of body-weight calisthenics and kettlebells. Ever since developing our own system of body-weight calisthenics progressions we've seen huge leaps & bounds in our own training & our members alike. Because of this success we are headed to New York City in June to participate in our very first calisthenics-specific conference! When we've completed the 3-day conference we will earn our own Progressive Calisthenics Certification! We truly feel like this is where we are meant to be and what our life's work has lead us to do every day and the best part of it all, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

Click this link to read more about our PCC workshop in June!

What does this mean for CFP? With the addition of Megan's hours we will be available to offer our first KettleBell Foundations Class starting in July. We will also be available to begin opening more hours as needed for our members. Along with these new opportunities we will also be going in "head first" as they say! What this means is we will be asking our members, families and friends to continue sending people our way, the more we grow = the more we'll be able to provide for you! The easiest ways to do this: Reviewing us on Yelp and Facebook, referring us to your friends & family, and good ol' word of mouth! We want people at CFP who want and need help in their fitness/health journey. Our passion is giving people the guidance, encouragement and skills to help themselves. As we like to say, "We just tell you what to do, but YOU do the WORK."

We are thrilled, excited, scared & so ready for this next step for Constant Forward Progress! We can't wait to see what else life has to offer us during this next season of life & so-called "work." 

Sooooo...Here's to new beginnings & going in head first!

Happy almost 3-day weekend!

-Bret & Megan