Goals & Struggles

The importance of creating GOALS and the STRUGGLE to keep them.

In any effort to change one usually creates a goal. Ugh. A goal? Why? Do I have to? These are often my immediate thoughts in regards to fitness when asked “What are your goals?” I don’t like them, I don’t enjoy thinking of ways to disappoint myself later down the road. Can you relate?

As I’ve reflected on my personal goals from the past, I am reminded of the reasoning behind them. Goals are often set in order to promote and encourage yourself to get better, to keep going, to work hard and achieve them. Right? Well, what if you don’t achieve them? What if you fail to reach it? What if you struggle to keep your goals? THEN WHAT!?

I am someone who struggles creating goals, has a hard time choosing one thing, doesn’t want to get too specific and just truly hates putting myself into a box of decision, especially when it comes to fitness, my body and any changes and or challenges that I might face in the middle. Here are some reasons I’ve learned about the importance of goal setting:
-You get to look FORWARD.
-You DECIDE how to challenge yourself, do what you want.
-You can make it easy or hard, short or long-term.
-You make your exercise PURPOSEFUL, it becomes more than just “getting your workout in.”
-You will find yourself feeling more MOTIVATED, more VALUED and more ENCOURAGED as you work TOWARDS something.

Notice a trend? It's all about you. 

Like most of you, once you’ve achieved a goal you probably feel on top of the world! It just feels GOOD. Pat yourself on the back, job well done!

…Or so it SHOULD be.

For me, this “job well done” feeling doesn’t come often enough. A few things I have achieved through setting goals:
-I’m more active
-I’m more willing to try new things, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone
-I work out in front of people, I actually enjoy the company!
-I have gained skills and knowledge about the fitness industry

BUT, there is still more I wish I would have already achieved. These are goals that have fallen to the wayside, I’ve let go of them as immediate goals and they have slowly become goals that “I’m just working on.” Why do we stop trying so hard on these goals? Why do they begin to feel too big to accomplish? For me these BIG GOALS include:
-Losing weight, drop a pant size, or two
-Gaining muscle, replacing fat with a strong body
-Running a 5k without wanting to pass out or stop.
-Becoming more flexible, a yogi possibly!
-Since we’re yelling, DO A STINKIN’ FULL PULL UP! JUST ONE!
Can I get an AMEN!?

Throughout the process of goal setting, ones I’ve checked off my list or ones that are still sitting there...I’ve noticed one similarity, process goals. These are goals that function as stepping stones in between the next goal that you’re working towards. Often these goals for myself look like:
-Working out, showing up, sticking to a schedule and doing it. 
-Eating 90% healthy & good for you food. 10% planning to cheat foods!
-Being active, every single day, getting outside, moving my body & playing.
-Researching new foods, trying and testing new recipes.
-Taking it one step, one day and one choice at a time.

-Writing it DOWN, on paper, in the computer, keeping a record!

Writing down a goal is one of the best ways of owning it. 

Writing down a goal is one of the best ways of owning it. 

I can only speak for myself but having these little stones to step on in between certainly helps me try to keep it together. Now, let’s be honest, we all make mistakes, we all fall of the wagon and we all can try again tomorrow. We have to give ourselves this grace, because we are all going to need it at some point. So what goals have you already achieved? What are your BIG goals? What are the STONE goals that will get you to the next step? And finally, what do you do when you’ve achieved a BIG goal?

Once you’ve reached your BIG goal, you reward yourself. Do something that makes you feel good. And then……..keep GOING! Recognize your achievement, your hard work, your time and effort. But don’t stop there, look forward, move onto your next BIG goal. After all, you're on a roll right?!

Keep rollin,