Small Slices of Motivation

Can you spot the smaller slices of motivation?

As everyone has their own journey in fitness and health we hear stories, grand stories of losing lots of body fat and gaining huge muscles! That’s great for some people, but for the rest of us “normal” people this isn’t always the case. Every person is unique and therefore their journey should be too. This last weekend was Thanksgiving, and for the most part, I found myself being the most thankful for my able, healthy and moving body! I am so thankful I have found the value in exercise and eating right (most days) Now, don’t get me wrong, getting up early twice a week and doing sprints in either the freezing cold or equally freezing rain on the track is NOT my idea of fun…it has certainly shown to be beneficial.

I strength train 2-3 days a week, with 3 days being my goal each week. On the other days Bret (my lovely hubby and coach) has made us, I mean ENCOURAGED us, to run sprints on the George Fox track in our hometown of Newberg. Most days I hate him, literally want to curl up and curse his name for making me get out of bed and into my running gear...and I continue to hate the idea of running even as I do it—but the silver lining remains in how I feel afterwards. I always feel refreshed, renewed, energized and ready for the day! I’d encourage anyone who is looking for some actual progress to add some cardio to their strength training, it’ll do something for you for sure!

Being thankful for my active and capable body is great, and being able to run sprints with my husband/coach in the early wee hours of the morning isn’t all that bad either, most days anyways! But I find the most motivation in the small things, those results that no one else would notice or know but you. I’ll warn you, this is where it gets personal…

As we were driving home from our Thanksgiving holiday at the in-laws we naturally had to make a bathroom pit stop half way home. Rest stops are just gross, I hate them! For women however, rest stops are even worse…we have to somehow “sit” on the toilet. Now let’s get real, for some we lay out the toilet paper to create a “barrier” and for others we “hover.”—I told you this was going to get personal. For some of us, the art of hovering is tricky business! During this particular bathroom pit stop, and in the middle of some artful hovering, a small piece of motivation entered my thoughts as I noticed something! “My thighs aren’t shaking? This is easy to hold myself up!” Now for most of you this means nothing, for others, you know what I mean right?! It’s hard to take care of business when you’re shaking and can’t hold yourself up for very long! I felt motivated. I must be getting stronger!

Another piece of motivation has been occurring lately, my wedding ring. When you get your ring sized you don’t really think of it changing, at least I didn’t. But over the course of my fitness journey I’ve begun to notice it is loose, slipping around my finger…who knew you could lose weight in your fingers?! Motivation for me alright!

And the last one is simple, growing up I never was the skinniest, the fittest or the most athletic…but I always wanted to be. Once I met my husband Bret, I realized I wasn’t that far off from him, in the weight class anyways. This was discouraging, I always pictured being literally “swept off my feet.” But this wasn’t reality, now I don’t mean to lead on that my husband isn’t a strong man, because ladies—he makes single leg dead lifts and pull ups look as smooth as butter. However, he couldn’t really hold me, not my entire body weight anyways. But lately, this weekend in fact, as I was running towards my hubby—being goofy, I wanted to jump on him—and I did, and guess what happened, he caught me…just like the movies. I know I’m a sap, but this was another slice of motivation. Not only is he getting stronger, but maybe, just maybe I’m getting easier to hold! Either way, I’ll take it!

During our Thanksgiving we practiced our pistol squats while waiting to go on a walk, of course this was after we stuffed our faces with delicious food. 

During our Thanksgiving we practiced our pistol squats while waiting to go on a walk, of course this was after we stuffed our faces with delicious food. 

So, what slices of motivation do you find? What are those smaller things that you wish you could have? What would change in your life if fitness become an established value and part of your day? I wonder what other pieces of motivation will pop up as I continue this journey. I'd love to hear other tidbits of encouraging moments of motivation from you! 


In this together,