Take Time to Heal

“Don’t worry about the number. You’re young, healthy and fit.”

--Keaton Ray, Physical Therapist

"It's not about the number..." It's about being healthy, active, capable, confident, and pain free!

"It's not about the number..." It's about being healthy, active, capable, confident, and pain free!

I was reminded during a physical therapy appointment that my worries of losing my “numbers” of repetitions in my work outs should be the least of my worries. In dealing with a shoulder that is crunchy and giving me pain, I sought after a well-trusted PT who works in the same building where our gym is located, through Advance Sports and Spine. It wasn’t the treatment I received, (which was wonderful I might add) but to my surprise the thing I took to heart the most was this simple statement I received instead.

I was worried that because of my shoulder, and having to take time off to heal I would lose my reps that I worked so hard to gain! I was being silly. I was overthinking and and not taking into consideration that it truly didn’t matter in the long run.

“Don’t worry about the number…” well, easy for you to say! Right? Turns out, it is easy for someone else to say, because after all it’s the pressure I was putting upon myself that was causing the stress of taking time off. “...You’re young, healthy and fit.” Yeah! I am, girl power! It felt so good to hear from somebody my age tell me that it’s okay to stop and take time to make yourself move better. Society these days is full of constant pressures, often ones that we continue to push upon ourselves even more!

So there you have it, nice and sweet and to the point. If you’re hurting, stop and take time to heal yourself. Let go of the pressures and the need to WIN. You’ll get there, but hopefully it won’t include putting yourself or your gifted body in a place of hurt or pain just to achieve those goals. Think smart. Another cheesy quote I love, in case this wasn’t cheesy enough for you.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” --Jim Rohn


We’re in this together,