Training Vs. Working Out

The difference between training and working out is that training is to working out as consistent and spaced eating is to binging. You push yourself SO hard so you feel sore the next day. Or until you hurl. Or even until you hurt yourself. But it was worth it, right? Totally! Because you did something, and you did it hard. Good for you!

The problem with working out in such a way is that you won't be able to do anything else for the next five days because of how sore your back and thighs and abs are...until you do it all over again! Not only that, but "working out" has a negative connotation attached to it--it sounds like something we have  to do, not something we have the privilege of doing. Well, better get it over with! Sigh...

When you train, you hone a skill. You have a plan, a purpose. You intentionally leave a few reps in the tank every set, because you know your body will get stronger quicker. You intentionally make sure every rep is technically sound, because you know that kind of attention to detail will keep you from becoming injured. You give adequate attention to maintaining your mobility and stability in movement, because you know it is one of the keys to unlocking your true potential.

More importance is put on quality than quantity--always. The results show in how you look, move, feel, and ultimately what you are capable of doing in every day life. Training is a long term, sustainable answer to being "fit", however you choose to define that word. When you train, there is something to look forward to every time, because you are constantly working towards bettering your skills.

To make a long story short, train, don't work out.

Yours in strength,