April, 2014 Tactical Strength Challenge Review

Well, this is embarrassing. I went to the TSC this weekend, but ended up scratching from the deadlift and pull ups. Not because I had some manly injury, but because I've developed some tendonitis. In my thumb. And I couldn't grip a water bottle without pain, let alone a heavy bar!

The last month or so I've been busy teaching the Primal Flow Evaluation, Primal Move's equivalent of a warm up, to most of the folks at Mota, including our other trainers. I've been doing the stinkin' thing about 6 times a day, and apparently my wrist and thumb bit the bullet and wussed out on me. I started noticing pain the day I posted on the 8th. It's somewhat ironic, actually. All that hype, and then couldn't actually lift.

Here are three takeaways/observations from yesterday's Tactical Strength Challenge

1. The deadlift can look super ugly, but as long as you get the weight off the ground and lock out, it doesn't matter. Good technique is just to prevent injury. A guy like me needs perfect form, because with all of my prior injuries, sometimes I feel like I'm made of glass. No room for error. Healthy guys with no injury history...well, they probably don't have the need to care enough when they can already pull 500 pounds from the ground. I'll keep working on perfecting my form. See you in October, guys.

2. Even though it was a competition, it was super laid back. I was nervous at how seriously some of the competitors would take the meet. Thankfully, it had a relaxed atmosphere. I wouldn't have cared how I stacked up to the others as long as I was doing my best, especially in something like weight lifting, which until the last few years of my life was not a priority (track and field took precedence). Thankfully, everyone was a great sport and I saw a lot of encouragement from lifter to lifter.

3. I have a ways to go to be competitive at something like this. Not only do I need to start snatching, but I need to increase my strength ratios. There were some guys who pulled 2.25x their body weight. I had a lot of respect for those dudes. I'm not quite 2x. The winning male lift of 508lbs was impressive, but less so considering the guy who did it was pushing 275 at least. Although Eric Cressey is unusual, he pulled a massive 661 @165lbs. That is more than 3x his body weight. Incredible.

Until next year. Gotta keep training, and get this stinking thumb taken care of! Ice Ice Baby.