Honeymoon Training Program

My wife Megan and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in June. However, when we got married last year, we didn't have the time or the money to go on a legitimate honeymoon. Three nights at the Oregon coast was a fun time, but it wasn't truly how either of us wanted to celebrate. We wanted something more...tropical.

Fast forward to today. In approximately six hours as of this writing, we will be on a plane headed for Jamaica! Wooooo hooooo! In honor of our week there, I'm uploading our training program for while we are away.

Saturday-Sunday, July 12-13:

Active Rest (maybe a few bicep curls at the pool...drinks in hand, of course. HA!)


Monday, July 14:

Snorkling Tabata: 20 sec sprint, 10 sec tread water, repeat 8 times until we've scared enough fishies.


Tuesday, July 15:

Circuit training of swimming, snoozing, eating. 3 sets of 5.


Wednesday, July 16:

Hiking w/periodic partner pistol squats and pushups


Thursday, July 17:

Glass bottom boat excursion followed by tasty-beverage-bicep-curls session at the beach.



Active Rest (plane ride home)


See you in a week, America!