10,000 Views and Counting

Constant Forward Progress is growing and evolving in to something much more than I ever anticipated it to be.

I initially started this blog as a home for my writing. I slept poorly most nights because my brain just would not shut off. When I started putting my thoughts on paper, my sleep improved, my stress lessened, and I was able to concentrate more on my home life outside of work, instead of the opposite. As I continued to write, and the readership continued to grow, I realized the potential was there to create a platform to share information that truly helps other people who are outside of my immediate network. For a person who's life is devoted to helping others better their minds, bodies, and spirits, this was truly a dream come true.

My what a few months can do! I started this thing in October of 2013. 42 posts, a fitness blog contest, and nine months later, and this blog is on track to break 10,000 views before the month is over, with readers coming from Asia, Australia, the UK, Canada, South America, and the United States. I am seriously in awe of that number, and the diversity of people who are logging in to see what is happening in my tiny corner of the globe.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was in grade school. Finally, I have an outlet for it, and it's become something much greater than just a personal blog of my personal life. So for those of you who think I've got something worthwhile to say--and some of you must since the number keeps rising steadily--a sincere thank you. If I could reach out and shake your hand, I would.This post is in honor of you, the readers.

In honor of this milestone, I wanted to take the opportunity to announce how things will be changing (all for the better), in the very near future:

-Constant Forward Progress is expanding from just a title of another fitness blog to a full-blown philosophy on training, and living a purpose-driven life.

-Very soon, CFP will be it's own website, which will continue to host this blog, client testimonials, a training gallery, information on what I do as a hands-on trainer at my day job, and how to contact me, among other things...

-The "other things" that I want to mention is I will soon be offering online personal training packages at very reasonable prices! I am incredibly excited to offer this, because this is a fulfillment of a dream, in a way. I love helping people feel, perform, and ultimately look better than ever--this is just another way to reach more people who may need a "tour guide"in the process. Dan John loves to say, "If you don't know where you're going, then any road will get you there". I plan to be the guy who helps you figure out where you're going, and then punch all the numbers in the GPS and figure out the shortest route to get there!

Stay tuned, more will be coming in the very near future...and again, thank you for reading.



Bret Hamilton