What is Bodyweight Training?


*Bodyweight training is a unique approach to strength training, called Progressive Calisthenics. 

*Calisthenics literally translates to "Beauty in Motion", and it's easy to see why, as you'll progressively learn to do things you never thought possible...with your own body!

*Progressive Calisthenics is accessible for ALL fitness beginners, and scale-able enough to produce results for elite level athletes!

*Benefits of training with your bodyweight:

The photos below represent CFP members who are at different levels with their squats, but they all share one commonality: They all started at the same point and progressed from there!

-It is accessible for EVERYONE:
Literally any person, no matter how young or old, can begin strength training with their bodyweight and with consistent practice will see tremendous progress in their physical performance, physique, energy levels, and general health and well-being. Exercises can be scaled specifically to your personal level, making it the safest and most sustainable type of strength training, but something that can be a lifelong pursuit!

-Bodyweight training helps you lose weight AND build lean muscle: 
If you're looking to lose weight, calisthenics is a natural motivator! Since you're using your bodyweight in all movements, as you get stronger and progress to more advanced variations, your brain will naturally adapt and try to shed excess poundage!  If you're looking to build muscle mass, calisthenics is surprisingly effective Training in this way supports a leaner, tighter, more toned looking physique!

Back bridging (below) is just one example of how consistent practice will make stiff, achy joints (in this case, your back) feel miles better!

-It is therapeutic for old injuries: 
When you use our body as your weight, you progressively condition your joints and connective tissues (not just your muscles!) to handle greater loads. This aids in the healing of old injuries, and prevents new injuries in the process!  You simply don't get this kind of benefit from training with machine weights or even barbells and dumbbells. 

-Become more flexible and stable WHILE you train:
In order to do the cool stuff, mastering the basics is a must along the way. By practicing fundamental movements like squatting, pushing, pulling, lunging, bridging, and pressing, you'll slowly develop mobile joints and supple muscles, capable of generating great force, but also able to stretch deeply when asked.

-Calisthenics is FUN!
Learning to use your body to perform movements you never thought possible is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, and often feels playful and exploratory in nature.

-YOU are your gym! 
Training with your bodyweight requires little in the way of equipment. To get a great workout, all you need is a bar, and the ground beneath your feet! Take your gym with you, wherever YOU go!

-It's endlessly scalable, from beginners to advanced. Understanding how to manipulate body lengthpoints, of contactweight to limb ratios, and range of motion is all it takes to tailor your routine to a level that best suits you, right here, right now.make exercises progressively easier or harder, so you learn to exercise at the level that best suits you, right here, right now.